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What the force of Love did for me.

Ever since I live back in my hometown Maastricht, in the Netherlands, I’ve been trying to make my life as much as comfortable as possible. It is because I am ready to receive the Love that I deserve and I am ready to spread the love too. That is how magic really works, if you just believe, it happens in reality.

As I said before, for me time passes too fast. It’s like I’m diving in the ocean, held my breath deeply as I swim deeper underwater, and when I come back up again to catch my breath, time passed by way too fast.

Yesterday I enjoyed feeding the birds in my garden. Today on Dimi’s birthday, I made an extra special mix of bread. I mixed bread with seeds and walnuts. The little birds are enjoying it and calling for their friends to come and join the food. It’s a party and it really feels like a celebration, of life, of love and gratitude. I enjoy giving food to the birds, they make me happy to see how happy the birds are.

I am grateful for my boyfriend. I am grateful that I made the right choices for my education, and that I am able to express my emotions through my art and through the teachers guidance. I am grateful that my boyfriend and I are together because of that, that we are living in a beautiful house and that we can share our intimacy with kairos. I am grateful to the landlord, to have stumbled upon him and his kindness, that he trusts me and that I can see the birds in my garden, because of him in the first place. I am grateful that Dimi and I have a home in Maastricht, close to my parents. I am grateful that my parents can visit me and that I am able to visit them more often and the cats. I am grateful that the neighbour cat comes visit us sometimes. It makes our day.

I am grateful for my change in life, and that I am able to settle back and widen my roots in my hometown ground, in the areas of Limburg. I am grateful that I can expand my roots wider in Limburg and that I still profit of the seeds that I planted in Brussels. I am grateful to have Robin, Elise, Vincent and Daria as my friends. They have helped me enormously through my educational life. They are and will always be an inspiration full of love. I am grateful to have met them in my life and that we are connected together, all of us.

I am very grateful to have stumbled upon many other great people that I met since the new year. They gave me many new insights. I am grateful that I am able to work in a coffeeshop and spread more the love and healing power of the weed plant. I am grateful to my bosses, that it makes me financially happy and that it gives me so many loving opportunities in life. I am grateful that these people came into my life and gave me a broader perspective on mankind. I am grateful that this job makes me feel more confident about myself and reminds me to trust myself. I am grateful that this job gives me so much love and happiness.

I am grateful that I am able to breath again. The dive was deep, but made me stronger. The more I inhale love, the more I heal from negativity and produced art and love.

As a new time begins, our love expands.

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