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Vad Art Kiállítás / Wild Art Exhibition in Budapest

Vad Art Kiállítás / Wild Art Exhibition opened its second season on 26th of October. Exposing for Painters Palace, I composed a story about my Budapest experience. Vad Art Kiállitás was a one day exhibition with many other music bands playing and artists exposing. 


Address :  Margit körút 14, Budapest 1027, Magyarország

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Within a week, all graduating students of LUCA School of Arts C-Mine, cooperated to emerge one project. Every department was inspired by the exhibition "The World of Tim Burton".


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Together with Elise Corten and Gerald Stevens, we worked on the visual exterior design of the life-sized viewing box.

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Tim Burton's visit

Landscape Kazematten Maastricht Netherlands, "Distant Bodies Wired Souls" text which reffers to a photographic series about personal examination of intimacy and romance amid the distance

Interview with Lomography

In the last two years I've been documenting my long distance romance.


Lomography Magazine has interviewed me about this story, using the Lomochrome Purple XR 100-400.


You can read the full Lomography article here.

"Distant Bodies, Wired Souls" is a personal examination of intimacy and romance amid a long distance separation.

You can read my latest Painters Palace article here.

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Exhibition Tour & Taxi's Brussels

With the series Amor Fati I introduced myself as a photographer. The exhibition ran at Tour & Taxi's Brussels 
( 08/06/'18 - 16/06/'18).

Exhibition Tour & Taxi's Brussels, Naninca Lemmns self portrait,
Analog portrait of Naninca Lemmens, Amor Fati photo series


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